Welsh Language

Welsh Language Standards

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 makes Welsh an official language in Wales. This means it must be treated no less favourably than English.

The Welsh Language Commissioner has now published the Welsh Language Standards.

Compliance notice

The Commission is committed to comply with the Welsh Language Standards, as set out by the Welsh Government under Section 44 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011. These Standards set clear expectations on the Commission to provide services in Welsh to the public.

The compliance notice issued to the Royal Commission on 25 July 2016 sets out which standards apply to the Commission. These are a set of legally binding requirements which will apply to the Commission from 25 January 2017. The latest version of the compliance notice is available here: Compliance Notice – Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.

The Commission will produce and publish annual reports on its compliance with the Welsh Language Standards on its website.

Welsh Language Policy

The Royal Commission is committed to treating the Welsh and English languages on a basis of equality. We do this by continuously working to improve our bilingual services. The Commission’s Welsh Language Policy outlines our commitments and provides our Welsh-speaking customers with a clear indication of the service they can expect from us. It will also serve as a means to support the work of the Welsh Language Monitoring Group to ensure the Commission’s compliance with the Welsh Language Standards.

Language complaints

If you have a concern or complaint relating to the Commission’s compliance with the Welsh Language Standards, please contact the member of staff most directly responsible in the first instance so that they can attempt to resolve the issue.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, please make a formal complaint in writing to:

Christopher Catling
The Secretary
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Ffordd Penglais
SY23 3BU

Email: nmr.wales@rcahmw.gov.uk

If you submit a formal complaint we will formally acknowledge your concern within 5 working days. Your complaint will be thoroughly investigated and a written response will be sent to you within 20 working days. If the investigation is likely to take longer than 20 working days, then you will be informed of this in writing as soon as it becomes apparent.

If you are still not satisfied, you may write to the Chairman, Dr Eurwyn Wiliam, at the same address.

You also have a right to direct any complaints relating to the Welsh language to the Welsh Language Commissioner.

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