Compliance Document

Compliance with the Welsh Language Standards January 2017

Produced in line with the requirements of The Welsh Language Standards (No 2) Regulations 2016

Standards Information
Service Delivery The Commission provides a bilingual service to the public. We are committed to ensuring an equal service through the medium of Welsh or English. Where required, new working practices have been established as part of our implementation of the standards.
Policy Making The Commission is committed to the Welsh language throughout all its policies and activities.

A Welsh Language Impact Assessment Framework was developed and published, and the assessments are agreed and recorded centrally to ensure compliance with the Policy Making Standards.

New policies, initiatives and services will be consistent with the requirements of the Welsh Language Standards. They will support the use of Welsh and will, wherever possible, help the public in Wales wishing to use Welsh as part of their daily lives to do so.
Operational New frameworks and new working practices have been adopted to ensure compliance with the Operational Standards. Where required, bilingual policies and procedures have been published on our intranet.
Record Keeping The Commission’s established record keeping procedure will be used to keep records as specified in the Standards. A framework is in place to record the required information.
Supplementary Standards
149, 155, 161, 167



The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales’ Compliance Notice (that details the Service Delivery, Policy Making, Operational and Record Keeping Standards that the Commission must comply with) has been published on the Commission’s website, staff intranet and a copy is available in our Library and Search Room.
150, 156, 162



The Commission’s Complaints Procedure sets out how to contact us with a concern or complaint, and the procedure that the Commission will follow in considering complaints.
151, 153,

157, 159, 163, 165






We are ensuring that we oversee compliance with the Standards in the following ways:

  • Every section within the Commission has a representative on the Welsh Language Monitoring Group. This group provides support to staff, monitors compliance and provides regular updates to the Operational Team.
  • A biannual report on the implementation of the Standards is provided to the Board of Commissioners.
  • A Welsh Language Implementation Group, with representatives from across the organisation, has been in place for some time to support the implementation of the Standards.
This document is published on our website, staff intranet and a printed copy is available in our Library and Research Room.
154, 160, 166, 168



The Commission will provide any information or records requested by the Welsh Language Commissioner which relates to the Commission’s compliance with the Standards with which we are under a duty to comply.
152, 158, 164 A framework is in place to ensure that an Annual Report is published in accordance with the Standards.

Mae’r ddogfen hon hefyd ar gael yn y Gymraeg  | This document is also available in Welsh

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