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Dementia Action Week: Launching our new PCW Memory Archive teaching resource and free Memory Tree and Timeline posters

Raising young people’s dementia awareness 
We are delighted to launch the new Memory Archive teaching resource we have created as part of the People’s Collection Wales (PCW) partnership. 

The resource is for Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2-4 pupils and: 

  • will introduce you to the Memory Archive on PCW, an archive of images that you can use in reminiscence work with people living with dementia; 
  • will introduce you to Alzheimer’s Society’s teaching resources for schools that make it easy to teach and learn about dementia; and  
  • offers two practical reminiscence activities that learners can practice in the classroom or remotely using the Memory Archive: create a Memory Tree or a Memory Timeline.  

Raising dementia awareness develops learners’ knowledge and understanding of this common life-changing condition. It can also provide them with valuable life skills allowing them to support people in their families and communities living with dementia. 

Try out our new posters

These activities are, of course, not only for young people. As part of the teaching resource, we have created a series of Memory Tree and Timeline posters free for anyone to use.  

Coeden Gof - Poster - Memory Tree
Coeden Gof – Poster – Memory Tree

Now you can select and print images from the Memory Archive Collections and add them to the poster of your choice. Where the Memory Tree is structured by theme, the Memory Timeline works chronologically. You add images to the branches or along the timeline that represent important memories from the person’s life. 

We hope that these resources will spark memories and stimulate discussion. We’d love to hear from you if they do – please leave a reply below! 

Teaching Resource - People's Collection Wales
Teaching Resource – People’s Collection Wales

Reina van der Wiel, Governance and Risk Manager 
Catalena Angele, People’s Collection Wales Learning Officer 


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