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Above Frozen Wales: Aerial Archaeology & Exploration in a Welsh Winter


Join us for the first talk in our new series of Royal Commission online lectures. On Thursday, 4 March, Dr Toby Driver will be discussing, ‘Above Frozen Wales: Aerial Archaeology & Exploration in a Welsh Winter’.

Snow has the ability to transform the landscape of Wales as if by magic. The view from above can be even more spectacular. Winter conditions can be particularly rewarding for archaeological exploration from the air as drifting snow, melting frost and low winter light combine to show ancient earthworks, castles, and upland landscapes with remarkable clarity. In this talk the Royal Commission’s aerial archaeologist will take the audience high into the skies above Wales on some freezing winter days with to see some of the dramatic discoveries which have been made in recent years.

This free lecture will be delivered via Zoom and the invitation will be sent to you once you have booked your place. Please don’t forget to download Zoom if you haven’t already!

Tickets must be booked in advance here:

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Image: Caerphilly Castle, NPRN 94497

During 2021 we will be holding special events and regular presentations on our current research projects.

All are welcome to these free online events.

All talks will be recorded, becoming available in due course on the Royal Commission’s YouTube channel.


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Date 4th March
Time 17:00 - 18:00
Location Zoom
Type Talk
Special Guest Dr Toby Driver

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