Carto-Cymru 2019: Humphrey Llwyd Inventor of Britain

Carto-Cymru 2019: Humphrey Llwyd Inventor of Britain. A half-day symposium by the National Library of Wales and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, in association with the AHRC-funded project Inventor of Britain, appraising the work and influence of Humphrey Llwyd, the father of Welsh cartography. This year’s  event will consist of a morning of talks given by international experts on Humphrey Llwyd: Humphrey Llwyd and his Mapping Worlds by Keith Lilley, Professor of Historical Geography, Queen’s University Belfast): The Whole World in his Hands: Abraham Ortelius and his Theatrum Orbis Terrarium by Joost Depuydt, Curator of Typographical and Technical Collections, Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp; and Humphrey Llwyd ac Enwau Lleoedd (Humphrey Llwyd and Place Names) by James January-McCann, Place Names Officer, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. In the afternoon, Huw Thomas, Map Curator at the National Library of Wales, will lead guided tours of the Humphrey Llwyd exhibition currently on display at the National Library. There will also be a short talk about Humphrey Llwyd’s Denbigh by Royal Commission architectural historian, Richard Suggett, and the display of related archival material in the Library and Search Room of the Royal Commission. Tickets cost £10 and are limited. For further information and booking, please visit:

Date 31st May
Time 9.30 -17.30
Location National Library of Wales
Type The Wales Map Symposium 2019
Special Guest Keith Lilley, Joost Depuydt,, James January-McCann, Huw Thomas and Richard Suggett

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