Living on the brink: Uncovering the stories of Pembrokeshire’s eroding promontory forts


Join us for the second talk in our new series of Royal Commission online lectures. On Thursday, 1 April, CHERISH Investigator, Daniel Hunt will be discussing, ‘Living on the brink: Uncovering the stories of Pembrokeshire’s eroding promontory forts’.


Pembrokeshire is home to some of the finest late prehistoric coastal fort sites found anywhere across the British Isles. Although they are relatively plentiful, little is known about them, especially how they were built and the role they played in late prehistoric society. This short talk will discuss recent archaeological research, including several new surveys conducted by CHERISH Project, and will explore new ideas on how these sites were constructed and some possible influences behind their peripheral coastal location.


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Image: The eroded promontory fort of Porth y Rhaw. Its elaborate defences showcase a clear desire by its builders to enclose and heavily augment this jagged pair of natural promontories. NPRN: 94210


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Date 1st April
Time 17:00 - 18:00
Location Zoom
Type Talk
Special Guest Daniel Hunt

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