Mapping the Maps & Bounding the Boundaries: A new approach for the digitisation of historic cartographic sources from the 17th-19th centuries


Wales is blessed with a wealth of historical maps. These can range from the detailed OS surveys of the late 19th century to estate maps of the 17th and 18th centuries. Each source contains a wealth of information about land use, ownership, acreage: a time capsule of the landscape specific to that period. Therefore, studying these various maps allows us to understand how the landscape around us has evolved into the one we recognise today. However, the challenge that we have always faced regarding these wonderful sources is how to fully examine, cross-reference and interrogate them.


This talk will explore the methodology that is being developed by RCAHMW in partnership within a collaborative Arts & Humanities Research funded project. The project itself seeks to fully digitise a range of historic cartographic sources for six parishes along the Flintshire/Denbighshire border. This talk will demonstrate how all these sources can be brought together and brought to life in a single coherent GIS environment. Furthermore, we will also discuss the potential and wider significance that this approach could have upon the heritage and wider sectors.


2 September, 2021, 5pm


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Date 2nd September
Time 17:00 - 18:00
Location Zoom
Type Talk
Special Guest Jon Dollery

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