Witches in Wales: Four Nations History Festival, Bangor University

Four Nations History Festival: Exploring the Distinct and Connected Histories of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, at Pontio, Bangor University. Led by the University’s School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences, the festival is a community event which will involve the Royal Commission, Storiel museum, the historic Bangor Cathedral, and diverse heritage and tourism organisations. Guest speakers include historians David Starkey, Lucy Worsley and David Olusoga. At 5pm on Friday 25 October, Royal Commission historian, Richard Suggett, will talk on Witches in Wales in Theatr Bryn Terfyl. For further details and registration, please visit:


Please note, tickets for the David Olusoga, David Starkey and Lucy Worsley lectures are available separately at pontio.co.uk

Date 25th October
Location Pontio, Bangor University
Type History Festival
Special Guest Richard Suggett, David Starkey, Lucy Worsley and David Olusoga

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