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List of Historic Place Names – now live


The List of Historic Place Names of Wales, launched today, is a groundbreaking website that provides a fascinating insight into the landuse, archaeology and history of Wales. Over 300,000 place names are included in the List, reflecting the various forms and spellings used historically, and revealing the often forgotten or overlooked legacies of buildings, people, archaeological or topographical features in our landscapes.

Recognising the importance of historic place names to the history and culture of Wales, the Welsh Government included a provision for a statutory list of historic place names in the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and has tasked the Royal Commission to compile and maintain the List on behalf of the Welsh Ministers. Since that date the Commission has been working with partners to create a website that will make permanently accessible data from three major sources:

Over time, many more names will be added as further projects and research are completed — visit the blog to find out more about our ongoing work to develop the List.

 Freely available online, the List is a developing record of authoritative information on historic place names that can be used to:
  • help members of the public learn about the history of their communities;
  • support academic research; and
  • inform decisions on the management of the historic environment.

A full-time member of staff is responsible for the curation of the List and is able to assist with enquiries.

Go now to historicplacenames.rcahmw.gov.uk to explore the hidden histories of place names near you and throughout Wales.


Example map of Bridgend showing how placename data is displayed on the website mapping

Example map of Bridgend showing how placename data is displayed on the website mapping



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Julian Ravest
3 years ago

I came to this historic names page when I was looking for Map of commotes and cantrefs, and of historic parish boundaries as digital geospatial files. the website says these have been developed and made public but I cannot find them. I am part of a team looking at the landscape environment of Abbey Cwmhir and, relevant to this enquiry, mapping its holdings from original charters.

Tom Pert
3 years ago
Reply to  Julian Ravest

Hi Julian, thanks for getting in touch. You can download the Cantref and Commote boundaries here:
Commotes: http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=1d4fdb0c96f442558cd796a93ecddc22
Cantrefs: http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=672d2f121f324cbeadc8580397153a5c
Hope these help with your project.

Julian Ravest
3 years ago
Reply to  Tom Pert

The links worked perfectly. Thank you.


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