My introduction to working at the Royal Commission

Hi, I’m Marisa and I recently joined the Commission as Public Engagement Assistant in September last year.  Having grown up in Aberystwyth I had heard about the Commission, but I had no idea how expansive, interesting and important its role is in protecting and appreciating the historic environment in Wales. 

When I started in my role, I had the opportunity to talk to lots of people who specialise in areas from architecture to archiving.  I began to understand how important every person is in ensuring the incredibly vast resources we collect are cared for and made available for communities all over the world to enjoy.  The passion my colleagues have for their work is ensuring strong connections and respect for the historical, environmental and social world around us, and the skills and knowledge we have is completely unique to the Commission.

I have an events and marketing background, so being in a role focused on sharing rich and interesting resources purely for the benefit our audience is a wonderful position to be in.  My work includes managing the distribution of our large collection of publications, assisting at public events, talks and visits and helping with the ‘Ceredigion Heritage Youth Panel’.  Working with young people to ignite a passion for heritage, history, archiving and creativity has been one of the many highlights of my time here so far.

It’s clear to me the incredible value the Commission lends to our communities and I’m excited to be a part of its work, projects and legacy. 


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