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National Monuments Record of Wales Archives and Library Bulletin – April 2016

Welcome to the latest monthly edition of the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) Archives and Library Bulletin which lists all newly catalogued material.
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April 2016


A.J. Parkinson Collection: Cat. Ref. AJPC/02/15-28
Lecture notes relating to Castlemartin Village, Pembrokeshire; and several thematic strands
Covering dates: 1979-1995

Cadw Registered Files Collection: Cat. Ref. CRF/1
Administrative documents and files relating to Cadw Registered Files Collection, comprising docket books; details of ‘Rents Payable’; and Index to subject files and dockets recording closed, cancelled and dead files.

Investigators’ Digital Photography: Cat. Ref. DS2016_036-038
Digital images relating to:

  • Marconi Bungalows, Tywyn
  • Marconi Long Wave Receiving Station, Tywyn
  • Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Machynlleth
  • Brickfield Terrace, Brickfield Street, Machynlleth
  • Former tollhouse (Lledfair Tollhouse), Heol Pentrerhedyn, Machynlleth
  • Y Plas West Lodge, Machynlleth

Covering dates: 2014-2015

Rex Wailes Collection: Cat. Ref. RWC
Collection of notes and images relating mainly to wind and water mills in Wales, produced or collated by Rex Wailes.
Covering dates: 1798-1982

Unpublished Dissertations: Cat. Ref. UD09/06
Unpublished B.A. dissertation for the Department of Archaeology, Southampton University, entitled ‘The Chambered Tombs of the Preseli Mountains, Dyfed: a reassessment of their settings in the prehistoric landscape’; produced by Toby Driver, 1993.

Welsh Mills Society Papers Collection: Cat. Ref. WMSPC
Miscellaneous papers, minutes and correspondence produced or collated by the Welsh Mills Society, formerly the Welsh Mills Group.
Covering dates: 1990-2014


Alexander, John. Undated. Part II. The Roman Settlement and Town. Draft of report published as, ‘Roman Cambridge excavations 1954-1980’, in PCAS (Proceedings of the Cambridgeshire Archaeological Society) 87 (1999).

Banham, Debby and Faith, Rosamond. 2014. Medieval history and archaeology. Oxford University Press.

Barnes, Gerry and Williamson, Tom. 2015. Rethinking ancient woodland: the archaeology and history of woods in Norfolk. Studies in regional and local history; volume 13. Hatfield, University of Hertfordshire Press.

Bayer, Patricia. 1992. Art Deco architecture: design, decoration and detail from the twenties and thirties. London, Thames & Hudson.

Bentley, Richard and Hartley, Claire. 2012. St. Helen’s, ‘an atmosphere of its own’: a collection of cricketing extracts celebrating Glamorgan’s St. Helen’s ground, Swansea, and marking the fortieth anniversary of the St. Helen’s Balconiers. Swansea, St. Helen’s Balconiers.

Cadw. 2016. Llangollen: understanding urban character. Cardiff, Cadw.

Cadw. 2016. Llangollen: deall nodweddion trefol. Cardiff, Cadw.

Charles Close Society and Oliver, Richard. 2016. Ordnance Survey seventh edition one-inch map of Great Britain: Hereford: sheet 142 (1949). London, Charles Close Society.

Childs, Jeff et al. 2013. Around Pontardawe: the third selection. Stroud, The History Press.

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Yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd (The Methodist Church). 2000. Llawlyfr a chyfeiriadur (Handbook and Directory ) Talaith Cymru 30 (the Cymru District) 2000-2001. Yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd (The Methodist Church).

Farley, Julia ; and Hunter, Fraser (eds). 2015. Celts: art and identity. London, British Museum Press.

Hall, David. 2014. The open fields of England. Oxford, University Press.

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Hurley, Richard. 2001. Irish church architecture in the era of Vatican II. Dublin, Dominican Publications.

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Little, Bryan. 1966. Catholic churches since 1623: a study of Roman Catholic churches in England and Wales from penal times to the present decade. London, Robert Hale.

Lord, Peter. 2016. The tradition: a new history of Welsh art, 1400-1990. Cardigan, Parthian.

Maginnis, Charles D. 2015. Catholic Church Architecture. ReInk Books.

Nash, George (ed.). 2015. An anatomy of a priory church: the archaeology, history and conservation of St Mary’s Priory Church, Abergavenny. Oxford, Archaeopress.

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Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru. 1994. Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru. Bethania, Aberteifi 11-15 Medi 1994. Thema : cyfoeth y cyfnodau. Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru.

Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru. 2006. Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru, Aberteifi a’r Clych : gorffennaf 16-19, 2006. Thema : dyrchafu Iesu. Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru

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Antiquity vol. 90 no. 349 (February 2016)

British Archaeology no. 148 (May-June 2016)

Capel no. 67 (Spring 2016)

Carmarthenshire Antiquary vol. 51 (2015)

Melin vol. 30 (2014)

Morgannwg vol. 59 (2015)

Pembrokeshire Life, April 2016

Railway and Canal Historical Society Bulletin no. 461 (May-June 2016)

Sheetlines no. 105 (April 2016)

Welsh Mines Society Newsletter no. 74 (Spring 2016)

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