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Royal Commission Archive & Library Bulletin of Newly Catalogued Material – January 2017

Welcome to the latest monthly edition of the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) Archives and Library Bulletin which lists all newly catalogued material. The archival items, library books and journal articles are all available to view in our public reading room. The full archive catalogue is available on Coflein and contains digital copies of many of the items listed.

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RCAHMW colour oblique photograph of Ffynnon Newydd Henge, Nantgaredig, looking west, 01/12/2010
AP_2010_3894 C.908663 NPRN 303952


Bryan Lawrence Photographic Collection: Ref. No. BLPC
Colour photographs of buildings in and around Rhayader, taken by Bryan Lawrence.
Covering dates: c. 1990

Crown Offices Cathays Collection: Ref. No. COC
Collection of black and white photographs (with negatives) documenting the construction of the extension to the 1936 Welsh Office building in Cathays Park, Cardiff.
Covering dates: 1976-1979

Dyfed Archaeological Trust Projects Archive: Ref. No. DATP
Project archives relating to:

  • Archaeological excavation at Longstone Field, St. Ishmaels; DAT Project Record Number 3005; 1979-1987: Ref. No. DATP079
  • Archaeological field evaluation at Tir-Dafydd; DAT Project Record Number 32119; 1993-1996: Ref. No. DATP080
  • Recording of wrecks at Pembrey Harbour and Pembrey Sands; DAT Project Record Numbers 30883, 30886, 30888, 31412; 1996: Ref. No. DATP081
  • Archaeological evaluation and watching brief at 55 Priory Street (formerly Lowndes Garage), Carmarthen;  DAT Project Record Number 48082; DAT Report Number 2003/66; 2003: Ref. No. DATP082
  • Archaeological excavation at St. Mary’s Church, Tenby; DAT Project Record Number 28334; 1991-1996; Ref. No. DATP083
  • Archaeological watching brief at Fynnon Newydd, Nantgaredig; DAT Project Record Number 1754; 1980-1984: Ref. No. DATP084
  • Archaeological excavation at Gwar Felin, Llanilar; DAT Project Record Number 9677; 1980-1993: Ref. No. DATP085
  • Archaeological excavation at Great Pale Cairn, Eglwyscummin; DAT Project Record Number 29502; 1986-1988: Ref. No. DATP086
  • Archaeological excavation at Rhos Carne Coch; DAT Project Record Numbers 8498 and 8499; 1981-1984: Ref. No. DATP087
  • Archaeological rescue excavation at Bryn Maen Caerau Cellan (Cellan Enclosure); DAT Project Record Number 29505; 1979-1994: Ref. No. DATP088
  • Archaeological excavation at Llangynfelyn Timber Trackway and Lead Smelting Works, Borth Bog; 2002-2013: Ref. No. DATP089

Emergency Recording Collection: Ref. No. ERC2017_002
Photographic record (with key) of Bee and Station Hotel, Rhyl; produced by Denbighshire County Council: NPRN 35668
Covering dates: 2011

General Digital Donations Collection: Ref. No. DD2017

  • Two discovery reports produced by Wessex Archaeology, 2015; NPRN 421350: Ref. No. DD2017_001
  • Two discovery reports produced by Wessex Archaeology, 2015; NPRN 421351: Ref. No. DD2017_002
  • Two documents by Dr Sandy Gerrard, written in response to a Cotswold Archaeology Report No. 12226 relating to the Bancbryn Stone Alignment, 2015: Ref. No. DD2017_004
  • Photo survey of Brwyno-canol Stone Row and related stones, produced by Dr Colin Jackson, 2017: Ref. No. DD2017_006
  • Photo survey of the ruins of Bethania Chapel, taken by J.B. Fletcher, 5th Dec 2016: Ref. No. DD2017_007

Leonard Monroe Photographs: Ref. No. LMP
Views of:

  • Bishops Palace, St. Davids, during restoration/repair, 1938: NPRN 21633
  • Caer Gybi Roman Fort, Holyhead, 1949-1951: NPRN 15607
  • Castle House Barracks,  Monmouth, 1949: NPRN 36568
  • Coed y Tyddyn Hillfort: NPRN 302966
  • Court Herbert, Neath, 1950: NPRN 18424
  • Ewenny Church, c.1950: NPRN 309096
  • Ewenny Priory, and sculptured stones, 1950-1954: NPRN 143
  • Ewloe Castle: NPRN 94447
  • Fedw Deg, during restoration, 1948-1951: NPRN 26449
  • Flint Castle: NPRN 94448
  • Flint Castle Moat, recreation ground: NPRN 94448
  • Gateholm Island, 1950: NPRN 102906
  • Glyn Cywarch, 1949: NPRN 28442
  • Grosmont Castle, with two general views of St Nicholas’ Church, 1936-1950: NPRN 93388 & 221965
  • Gwydir-Uchaf Chapel, during renovations: NPRN 43667
  • Haroldston House, Haverfordwest, 1950: NPRN 22040
  • Haverfordwest Castle and Town Walls, c.1955: NPRN 94235 & 102328
  • Hen Gwrt Moated Site, 1947-1949: NPRN 94890
  • Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles (Cytiau’r Gwyddelod?), 1949: NPRN 93837
  • Holyhead Roman Wall, surrounding churchyard of St. Cybi’s Church: NPRN 27500 & 416179
  • Kenfig Castle, 1930: NPRN 300455
  • Kidwelly Castle, 1931-1951: NPRN 95633
  • Lamphey Bishop’s Palace, 1950-1951: NPRN 22223
  • Leeswood Gates and Gatehouse, 1951: NPRN 35976 & 35975
  • Llanfihangel y Pennant and Dolbenmaen Hut Circles and Villages: NPRN 288371 & 287997
  • Llanstephan Castle, c.1937: NPRN 95725
  • Llanthony Abbey, 1950-1952: NPRN 95238
  • Llawhaden Castle, c.1926-1938 & c.1950: NPRN 94109
  • Manorbier Castle and Dovecot: NPRN 94195
  • Margam Abbey Inscribed and Sculptured Stones: NPRN 94512
  • Monmouth Castle, c.1950: NPRN 93473
  • Monnow Bridge, Monmouth, 1949-1950: NPRN 24219
  • Montgomery Town Walls: NPRN 306412
  • Morlais Castle: NPRN 93014
  • Neath Abbey, 1930 & 1949-1951: NPRN 133
  • Neath Roman Fort, 1950: NPRN 301350
  • New Castle, Bridgend, c.1938: NPRN 93036
  • Pillar of Eliseg, 1952: NPRN 165274
  • Presaddfed Burial Chambers, 1949-1951: NPRN 93832
  • Raglan Castle, c.1927 & 1950: NPRN 93387
  • Friary and Banquet Hall, Rhuddlan Priory, inscribed stones: NPRN 35646 & 157155
  • Rhuddlan, general views, c.1948-1950: NPRN 15238
  • Rhuddlan Castle, c.1937-1950: NPRN 92914
  • Roft Motte, c.1958: NPRN 421887
  • Rosemarket Dovecote, 1950: NPRN 22566
  • Rug Castle Mound, 1921: NPRN 306598
  • St. Clears Mound, 1950: NPRN 105023
  • St. David’s Cathedral and Bishops Palace, 1947-1949: NPRN 306 & 21633
  • St. Dogmaels Abbey, during excavation/restoration, c.1947-1950: NPRN 94164
  • St. Dogmaels Abbey, inscribed stones, c.1956: NPRN 94164
  • St. Lythans Dolmen Chamber, c.1948: NPRN 227289
  • St. Mary’s Church, Mold: NPRN 306982
  • Tenby Town Walls, c.1930: NPRN 127
  • Tir-Gwyn Standing Stones, 1950: NPRN 308088 & 302310
  • Tomen y Mur Roman Site: NPRN 95476
  • Tomen y Rhodwydd: NPRN 94737
  • Trefignath Burial Chamber, 1949-1951: NPRN 95535
  • Trellyffaint Burial Chamber: NPRN 304397
  • Ty Hwnt i’r Bon: NPRN 16919
  • T y Illtyd Long Barrow: NPRN 96
  • Ty Newydd Burial Chamber, 1949: NPRN 93834

Mid Glamorgan Chapel Survey: Ref. No. MGCS17
Measured drawings of Hebron Chapel, High Street, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil: front elevation and floor plan
Covering dates: 1978-1979

NMR Site Files
Black and white photo surveys relating to:

  • Chauncy Townsend’s Railway, 1991: NPRN 275877
  • Colt Pit, Bonymaen, 1991: NPRN 421895
  • Cwm Pit Railway, 1991: NPRN 34793
  • Gwernllwynchwith Colliery Engine House, 1991: NPRN 33709
  • Hafod Bridge, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 43131
  • Hafod Community Centre, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 85256
  • Hafod Copperworks, bridge over Swansea Canal, 1991: NPRN 421897
  • Hafod Copperworks 1860 Engine House, 1991: NPRN 33743
  • Landore Quay, 1991: NPRN 301231
  • Landore Viaduct, 1991: NPRN 34816
  • Morfa Bridge, Landore, 1991: NPRN 34830
  • Morfa Copperworks Power House, 1991: NPRN 34125
  • Neath Road and Pentremawr Road, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 418427
  • Neath Road and Vivian Street, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 418428
  • Pentre Gethin Pit, Cwmbwrla, 1991: NPRN 421896
  • Pentre Pit, Landore, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 301225
  • Pont y Shoot, Cwm Gelli, 1991: NPRN 413196
  • Pwll Mawr Engine House, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 33719
  • St. John’s Catholic Church, Hafod, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 13546
  • Scott’s Pit, Llansamlet, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 33720
  • Swansea Canal Tipping Staithes, 1991: NPRN 275882
  • Swansea Harbour, 1991: NPRN 34283
  • White Rock Copperworks, 1991: NPRN 85092
  • White Rock Tunnel, Smith’s Canal, Swansea, 1991: NPRN 85093

RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial Photographs
Digital aerial photographs relating to Cefn-Brynich Roman Fort: NPRN 419242
Covering dates: 2013


Cefn-Brynich Roman Fort: detailed view of cropmarks of Roman fort ditches from the south, 1st August 2013
AP_2013_5345 C.622245 NPRN 419242



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Journals: Current Awareness

C20, The Twentieth Century Society Magazine no. 3:2016, p. 70 ff, Listing Reports section. Listed: Theatr Harlech listed Grade II* but the residential tower turned down for listing; Put forward to upgrade Grade II listing to Grade II*: Sea Roads, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, a ‘rare example of Welsh modernism’.

Current Archaeology no. 323, p. 12: ‘Neolithic life at Llanfaethlu’ – news item on the ongoing excavations in Anglesey which revealed a fourth 6000 year old dwelling; p. 16: ‘Wings over wartime Wales: Discoveries from the sky’ by Toby Driver, RCAHMW; p. 18: ‘Upstairs, downstairs innovations: Exploring technology of Britain’s country houses’ by Chrostopher Catleing, RCAHMW; p. 42: ‘Celtic from the West: In search of the archaeology of a language’ by John Koch, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth; p. 64: ‘Sherds’ regular column by Christopher Catling,, this month on ‘heritage’ as a term/ concept, colonial heritage, Trump’s Wall versus Offa’s Dyke, influence and coincidence, and Vatican’s recent ‘Instruction’ on inhumation and cremation.

SPAB Magazine, ‘Casework’ section, p. 28: Dingestow Court, Monmouth [proposals to reverse 1970s internal alterations]; p. 25: Bethesda Ton Pentre Chapel, Rhondda Cynon Taff [funds sought and obtained to save this Grade II* chapel]

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