Licence Fees

Material supplied from the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) is protected by copyright law.  Applications for a licence should be made using using the online Order form at or the Order Form (LES08) and sent to  Please note: you may need the permission of the rights holder if the copyright belongs to a third party and the item is still in copyright. The onus will be on you to clear any rights relating to the item(s) that you wish to use.

Material should not be reproduced in any form, sold or used for any other purpose other than for private research, until a licence has been received.

Academic journal or charity publication (per image)

£15 to £35

Books, e-books, commercial magazines and reports (per image)

£25 to £150

For print-runs over 5000 please add an extra 25%.

Websites and apps (per image)

Educational, non-commercialFree

Exhibition panels, Information boards and display panels (per image)

Commercial (with entrance fee)£20 to £50

Legal proceedings (per image)

Legal proceedings£20

Screen broadcasts (per image)

Wales or regional broadcast and streaming: per image£50 to £170
UK Network broadcast and streaming: per image£60 to £180
Worldwide broadcast and streaming: per image£70 to £200

Special rates may be available for companies using more than 5 images.

If you require a quote for any other use, please contact the Library and Enquiries Service. An invoice will be sent when the licence fee has been confirmed. Payment should be made within 28 days of receipt of the invoice. Payment may be made by BACS, credit or debit card, or by cheque made payable to RCAHMW.

Prices are charged in accordance with the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 and Managing Welsh Public Money.

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