CHERISH: Climate Change and Coastal Heritage EU Funded Project



CHERISH (Climate, Heritage and Environments of Reefs, Islands and Headlands) is an exciting, new European-funded project led by the Royal Commission, in partnership with the Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland, Aberystwyth University: Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and Geological Survey, Ireland.

Begun on January 1st 2017 the 5 year project will receive more than €4m of EU funds through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2 – Adaptation of the Irish Sea and Coastal Communities to Climate Change.

The key objective of CHERISH is to increase knowledge and understanding of the impacts (past, present and near-future) of climate change, increased storminess and extreme weather events on the cultural heritage of reefs, islands and headlands of the Welsh and Irish regional seas. The project will target data and management knowledge gaps, employing innovative techniques to discover, assess, map and monitor heritage assets on land and beneath the sea, widely disseminating the results and developing best practice for future climate change adaptation.

Read our Executive Summary to find out more information about the project

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CHERISH is currently in a mobilisation and planning phase that will run until June 2017.  As new information becomes available this webpage will be updated.

23/3/17: Press release: CHERISH: Coastal Heritage and Climate Change Project Launched 

22/3/17: It’s the official launch of the CHERISH project on Thursday 23rd March 2017. We’re launching on both sides of the Irish Sea at Aberystwyth University in Wales and Dún Laoghaire in Ireland.

19/1/17: Read the Welsh Government press release.

18/1/17: Two new posts for CHERISH, based with the Royal Commission in Aberystwyth are now advertised. These are for a Project Manager and Investigator (Coastal Archaeology). Full details and application forms can be found here: Current Vacancies


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