The Story of Wales: A New Beginning


The fifth episode in the BBC Wales series The Story of Wales: A New Beginning will explore how the discovery of steam coal in the Rhondda led to massive immigration to the valleys of South Wales and the development of the docks at Cardiff and Barry during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It will show the opulent castles at Cardiff and Penrhyn, built from the fabulous wealth created by the coal and slate industries in north and south Wales. This episode will also cover sport, entertainment, male voice choirs, and the darker side of industrialisation – poverty, mining accidents, strikes and lockouts.

Links to sites featured in episode 5:

One again, for those who are interested, many of these topics are superbly covered in the Royal Commission’s centenary publication, Hidden Histories:Tyrsorau Cudd, which has two excellent sections on both Victorian Society and Early Twentieth Century. In addition, our latest publications, which include Fields of Play: The Sporting Heritage of Wales and Cymru Hanesyddol o’r Awyr / Historic Wales From the Air, offer much to increase our understanding of this rapidly changing age. Copies of all our publications are available through our bookshop with a special 10% discount to Friends. For further information, please visit the Royal Commission’s website or telephone 01970 621200.


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