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Welsh Asian Heritage Project Update – June 2024

Our monthly seminars continue to attract positive engagement with many participants stating that they would like to be involved in ongoing discussions  on equality, migration, resilience, identity, culture, and heritage.

One participant, Malin Ruparelia, was so inspired after attending the ‘From Girmit to Permit’ seminar held on 18 April that she wrote a poem called ‘Celebrate’. This led to an invitation for her to read this at the International Girmit Conference on 9 May held at the Senedd, Cardiff. We share Malin’s poem later on in this blog.

Malin Ruparelia at the International Girmit Conference on 9 May, Cardiff.
Professor Bhiku Parekh and Perminder Dhillon, Project leader, Welsh Asian Heritage Project at the International Girmit Conference on 9 May, Cardiff.

Our next exciting seminar on 12 June 2024 (5.00pm to 6.30pm on Zoom) is on Diversifying Museums in Wales – Rethinking Collections and Communities by Dr Marian Gwyn, heritage consultant.

Dr Marian Gwyn

To secure your place, please book on the link below:https://ti.to/digital-past/diversifying-museums-in-wales-rethinking-collections-and-communities

About the seminar

Local museums are the cornerstones of Wales’s communities. But just how representative are they of the country’s increasingly diverse population? And do the stories told in them truly reflect the richness of the heritage they hold? This talk explores the massive programme of change that is currently being undertaken in museums to deliver the Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan, ensuring museums across the nation remain relevant and inclusive in the 21st century.  

Dr Marian Gwyn is a heritage consultant with many years’ experience in working with cross-cultural heritage sites across the UK. She is currently leading an innovative programme funded by the Welsh Government supporting local museums in Wales to develop robust and long-lasting change. 

Recordings of this and other seminars will become available on the Commission’s YouTube channel shortly after each talk: https://www.youtube.com/c/rcahmw

Below, we share Malin Ruparelia’s inspired poem called ‘Celebrate’.


Let us celebrate a life well lived.

A journey full of tears and toil

A legacy that will never fade

In the laughter and the tears, we shed.

In the stories told and memories shared

We see the impact of a life so dear.

A beacon of light that will always be near.

Through every triumph and every trail

Through every smile and every mile

We celebrate the strength and courage shown.

The love and kindness generously grown.

Let us raise our voices high.

In celebration of a life that touched the sky

A soul that shone so bright and true

Forever in our hearts, forever anew

Though they may be gone, they live on in us.

Their spirit and love forever present.

So, let us celebrate the life they led.

And honour their memory with love and grace.

Malin Ruparelia

Robin Chaddah-Duke, Jyoti Ramjee and Radha Patel, Outreach Officers, Welsh Asian Heritage Project at the Museums + Heritage Show, Olympia, London, 15 May, 2024.

Upcoming events

Come and meet the project staff and volunteers at our stalls on Saturday 22 June 2024, 11am –3pm at Cardiff Library, The Hayes, Cardiff, as part of Refugee Week, and at the Cardiff Mela on Sunday 23rd June, 12.00pm to 6.00pm at Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay.

The South Asian Heritage Month will take place from 18 July to 18 August.  We will showcase some aspects of our work and the work of other South Asian archive projects.  Details will be circulated.

Community of Interest

As always, we encourage you to join our Community of Interest on the link below to get updates and notifications, including about our monthly seminars: http://eepurl.com/iALGp6
We also welcome volunteers to support us on all aspects of the project.

Perminder Dhillon
Project Leader Welsh Asian Heritage Project:
Celebrating and Archiving the Experiences of Ugandan Asians.
Contact the project at WAHproject@rcahmw.gov.uk 
Tel: 01970 621 234


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